Three Things for Fitness Babies


Going to the gym the first time is intimidating because nobody really wants to look like the newbie and make a fool of themselves. Event those who are experienced gym goers get intimidated when trying out new equipment or trying a new gym.
Truth is, you really are a newbie and it will always be better to ask around rather than risk injuring yourself during the exercise. Remember, you are there to make yourself feel and look better and you will not reach your fitness goals by pretending to be an expert. 
There are three basic things you must remember when you go through those gym doors for the first time:
Get someone to show you around.

Whether it’s a friend, a personal trainer or a random kind soul in the gym, ask someone to show you around to be familiar with the facilities and teach you the ropes. Get to know the basic gym equipment and how to use them. Yes, there are YouTube videos showing you how to use such machines, but looking at some dude go through the machine is different from experiencing it yourself. 

Gyms usually have a free trial period for you to try on their facilities before you get a membership.

Find your pace.
You don’t need to jump right at it and workout like that fiend in the corner who looks like he could be the Hulk’s stuntman. Nobody is going to judge you if you lift the lightest weight or run at half everybody else’s pace in the thread mills. What’s important is that you go easy on yourself to prevent injuries. 

Know your gym etiquette

Some gym rules are written while other rules are hidden but still need to be followed. Knowing unwritten rules will not only prevent you into getting into trouble, it will get you more friends. So just pick up after yourself, and stop monopolizing the equipment.