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Hey, I’m Bob May the owner of  The Inverted Running where we offer chest supported dumbbell row programs to help you become more leaner, slimmer, and fitter without ever feeling bored. Register now for a free assessment. 

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Tight Quads Test

Quadriceps muscle tension can be insidious. As a constant sitter, you may not notice the day in and day out ...

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Three Things for Fitness Babies

Going to the gym the first time is intimidating because nobody really wants to look like the newbie and make a ...

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Those are not healthy anymore!

    We're hard on our skin. Not only with the products we use, but with the day to day self-criticism we bear ...

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I visited The Inverted Running and tried their chest supported dumbbell row  sessions. It was Amazing! I enjoy every minute of this workout. I think I’m hooked!

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